Our vision & values

Aerotech started in 1968 with a belief that aircraft could be used to perform a range of tasks quicker, safer and easier than any other means.

Quicker. Safer. Easier.

With specialised aircraft, innovative thinking and talented, experienced people, Aerotech has been able to solve a wide range of problems efficiently and effectively. Problems that would have been impossible, dangerous, or expensive any other way.

Our vision to deliver an unmatched service in providing real airborne solutions for our clients’ needs continues.

Aerotech stands for the following values:

Can do Attitude: 
Doing business with us is easy and fast and we will get the job done

We look for new, better ways of doing things

We collaborate and communicate in a timely and relevant way

We are accountable, fair, respectful, and service oriented

We are expert, transparent and reliable in our advice and actions